At 4?

Momo is a beautiful young girl, she is 4 years old and she likes playing with dolls.Momo is the last born and she has 3 elder sisters, these include Win 15 years, Rebecca 10 years, and Olivia 8 years. She was staying with her dad after being abandoned by her mother when she was eight Months. The father is an alcoholic and also mistreats his children like not giving them the parental love, beating them, not taking them to school and not giving them food. All the children were taken care of by their sister Win, who used to go in the village and look for the food for them to survive. The family sleeps in a mud house roofed with iron sheet and Momo was sharing a very very old mattress with her sister Olivia. Momo is a very clever girl and she would like to be a doctor. Normally she has to be going to school, but unfortunately she has no support for school fees.