Denis’ father run mad after his wife’s death

DATE OF BIRTH: 5th January 2016

Denis is a very needy, his mother died while giving birth to him and his father run mad immediately after receiving bad news about the death of his wife and ever since the he is still not OK. Denis has 2 siblings and these includes; Vicent who is 6 years and Martin who is 8years.These 3 children stay on their own and their mad father comes once in a while to check on them. They have a small plantation around but since they are too young they cannot look after it well so they cannot get food from it. They get food from good hearted people from their village and sometimes they sleep without food. These children sleep on a very dirty old mattress which they share 3 and their house is full of holes like anything can reach them when they are sleeping during night even if they close the door. These children wear toned clothes but fortunately their health condition is OK and they are still dreaming of becoming someone in life. As love and support for children we couldn’t wait to see these children dying in and old house so we managed to get them from there and got them a family which is now staying with them as we plan for them. So we are kindly asking someone there who can do anything to help these children.

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