DATE OF BIRTH: 05/04/2000

Esther lost both her parents in a boat accident when she was only 2 years and now she stays with her maternal grandmother. She is a happy and caring girl who love taking care of her grandmother who is now 75 years. Esther is now in p.4 and she is one of the clever pupils in the class. She walks a distance of 2 kilometers to reach her school and her favorite subject is English. According to Esther’s teacher, She would have performed better than how she does but she is always not at school because of school fees and when she comes she doesn’t have the scholastic materials and this decreases her performance sometimes in class. Before coming to school she helps her grandmother with digging and in the evening after school she helps her with fetching water from a spring well which is an hour’s walk away from her home, firewood and other home duties. Esther and her grandmother stays in an old mud house which is two roomed and they have a small plantation around but since her grandmother is too old and she can no long dig, the family finds it difficult to get something to eat. Esther’s health is OK and she wants to be a veteran doctor.