Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you will be your child’s sponsor until he/she completes the Education cycle. However, we understand that there are times that sponsors are not able to continue supporting their child. When this occurs, we continue to support that child through our “Unsponsored Children’s Fund” so their education may continue.

Sometimes a child’s family moves to an area out of the reach of where we are serving. You will be notified if your child moves or otherwise becomes ineligible for the program. If this happens, we will provide an opportunity for you to sponsor another child in need.

SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD SPONSORSHIP: If your sponsored child is unable to attend school, we hope that you will continue your sponsorship until the child reaches the age of 18.

We will give you a description of each child, which will include information about their past, age, and personality and how long they have been with LSCU.

It costs $40/ month to sponsor a child; you can also co-sponsor a child for $20/month. Ideally it’s
great if you can find a friend to co-sponsor with that will share your journey through the child’s life with them, otherwise we can find another person to co-sponsor.

Preferably it’s great if you can find a friend to co-sponsor a child to share your journey to support the child’s life. In this case you would need to find that person to share the 40 dollars monthly cost with you and you will both receive combined communication.

The funds that are sent help your sponsored child to cater for education expenses such as school fees, books, food, clothes, shoes and hair maintenance (the girls have their hair plaited). As we grow and expand, this funding will also pay for more field trips and outings.

Yes! You can sponsor as many as you like! Of course if you have children of a similar age as our children in Uganda they may like to sponsor one each. We also have several sets of siblings, and one pair of twin girls!

Absolutely! We really encourage all our sponsors to take the trip out to visit the children. It’s an amazing life changing experience. Just let us know and we will be happy to welcome you and help organize it.

They will do, unless the sponsor specifically wishes not to be known.

Your sponsored child is interested in your family and would enjoy receiving a photo of you. He/she would like to know what your part of the country is like, what interests you have, or what work you do. Letting your child know you are praying for him/her is meaningful. Sharing a scripture verse that encourages spiritual growth is welcomed. Younger children also enjoy colorful greeting cards or postcards. Letters should be simple, age-appropriate and sensitive to your child’s lack of material possessions and the country’s political situation. Finally, encourage your child to stay in school and work hard.

We totally understand that due to circumstances changing, people may have to stop their sponsorship. If you can give us 3 months notice it would be great, so that we can find the child another sponsor and also explain to them as they will be writing to a new sponsor.

You should receive an update twice a year. Younger children who cannot write may draw a picture. You will also receive an updated photo every year.

SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD SPONSORSHIP: Each year you will receive an annual therapy update and photo.  If your sponsored child is able to write a letter or draw a picture, you will receive these treasures as well.

Celebrating special days in your sponsored child’s life is a wonderful way to further encourage and extend love to children impacted by child sponsorship through LSCU.

We encourage sponsors to consider a special financial gift for Christmas and Birthdays.  The suggested gift is between $10 and $25.  Funds received are pooled for annual celebrations for all children impacted by child sponsorship.  You can also celebrate your child’s birthday by sending a special card or letter!  Your words are powerful in their lives.

Our sponsorship program is based on education and our goal is to bring a child to the place of employability. Therefore, we do not put an automatic limit on a child’s participation. The goal is successful graduation from trade school.

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