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she got it from her mother during birth

Name: Namara Judith
Nationality: Ugandan
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 30th July 2014
Reg No: LSCU/030

“It not OK!” Judith. Judith is a quiet girl, she is HIV positive and she got this from her mother during birth. Her father died two years back and now they are staying with their mother and grandmother in a four-roomed house built with bricks and roofed with iron sheets. Judith’s mother helps her grandmother with digging, fetching water, and cooking she doesn’t have any source of earning money. Her grandmother is a peasant farmer and she grows crops like beans, maize, cassava, and matooke for home consumption. Judith is always at home helping her mother and her grandmother with domestic work because her family doesn’t have money for her to be in school. Her favorite game is skipping rope and she wants to be a surgeon in the future.