As a child sponsor, you can help change a child’s world. Support a child in boarding school with $40 per month, or $20 for  a child schooling from parents home. Your partnership with us is highly welcome. Prepare children for a brighter future.

About child sponsorship

Child Sponsorship is the most effective and rewarding way to help give children better future. Find out what you’ll receive as a child sponsor, how your sponsorship donations are used and read about the life-changing experiences of other sponsors.

Frequently asked questions

Visit our frequently asked questions page for answers to all your questions about child sponsorship.

Love and support for children, a children’s caring organization started to restore hope among total or single orphans and those who are critically vulnerable. We work with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

Our transparency makes us trustworthy; we utilize the funds entrusted to us resourcefully and 90% of the funds go to the direct beneficiaries, 5% administration and the rest Advocacy and awareness.

When you sponsor a child, you provide the following;

  • Love that unlocks the children’s potential with in their hearts.
  • Health care to fight against diseases and sickness.
  • Food to avoid malnutrition in children.
  • Recreational activities to protect them from crimes such as fornication, fighting, drug abuse, and stealing.
  • Shelter to protect them from natural hazards and create a home for them.

You are about to start a great journey to saving lives

Payments should be made to:
Account Name: Love and Support for Children Uganda
Account Number: 02031117190603
Bank: DFCU Bank Limited,
Branch: Masaka
Swift Code: DFCUUGKA
Sponsor a Child