Build a well

About this campaign

Every day, children and women walk long distances to reach the unprotected well. It is a hand-dug well which is dirty and unsafe for drinking, causing waterborne diseases in the village.

The Kibindi community needs a clean water source because their current one is contaminated by both animals and rainwater that pours into it every time it rains. Women and children waste precious hours walking to fetch this water every day which could be spent with their families or doing something productive instead of spending most of the day carrying big jerrycans of water back home.

A clean protected spring well will solve all these problems by providing a safe source of freshwater for everyone in the community without any contamination. With this new well, people can spend more quality time at home with their families while also being able to do other activities like farming or going to school since they won’t have to travel so far for clean water anymore.

Use of Funds

Construction of one spring well costs $5000