Irene would have been in school!

Name: Nassozi Irene
Nationality: Ugandan
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 28th March 2016
Reg No: LSCU/002

Irene is a humble and happy girl and she loves playing with dolls. She is 4 years and she is staying with her parents. Her favorite game hides and seek and she enjoys playing it with friends during their leisure time. Irene would have been in school but she is not because her parents couldn’t raise money for her to be in school. She has 4 siblings and they are all at home not schooling. Her mother is a housewife and the father fetches water for the people to earn a living. The little income they get is not enough to pay school fees for 5 children and also buy them the basic needs. Irene sleeps on an old mattress which she shares with her sister Denise. Her health is OK and she wants to be a singer.