Our Background

Love and Support for Children Uganda is a children’s organization that started to restore hope among children who are both double or single orphans and those who are critically vulnerable. In 2009, the founder conceived the idea of helping children who fall into this category in the Masaka region. The organization is based at Katwe Suburb in Katwe-Butego Division – Masaka City. In 2016, with her meager financial resources, the founder of Love And Support For Children Uganda, started this nonprofit organisation so as to help the needy children. This program will demonstrate the feasibility and desirability of targeting children with a view of assisting them in areas of psychosocial support, counseling, and education. The program has revealed an overwhelming need for helping children who are extremely vulnerable, but the program’s goals cannot be met with LSCU’s current meager resources and scope. Parents with children whom they cannot support educationally can stay with them and LSCU goes ahead and cater for their education.