Nalongo is a hardworking mother of four children. She lives in a one-room rented house which leaks when it rains because the roof is too old. Her daughters have been unable to attend school because of the high fees that are charged at schools around her area.
Nalongo will be able to send her children to school if she acquires better living conditions and will afford the school fees.

We can help Nalongo by giving her a piece of land and housing so that she can have a safe shelter, grow crops and rear animals to provide enough food for herself and family members, as well as pay for all their needs including education without having to beg or borrow money from others (the usual source). This way we will enable her to earn more income from agriculture than what she earns now through begging or borrowing money.

Use of Funds

Land = $2778
Bricks = $ 400
Bags of Cement = $422
Windows = $225
Doors = $183
Roofing = $1000
Sand = $169
Labor = $338
Toilet = $225
Poles = $113

Therefore, Total = $5853