Hepatitis B took her Mother

Name: Namala Laticia
Nationality: Ugandan
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 26th February 2016
Reg No: LSCU/020

Leticia’s health is very poor and she is so weak. She lost her mother in January last year and her life didn’t remain the same. Leticia has 8 siblings and they are all taken care of her sister Rebecca who is only 17 years. Leticia’s mother left a 7 months baby girl who is also staying with them. These children are now staying with their eldest sister and their father. Their father is a drunkard man who doesn’t care what’s going on with his children. Leticia’s mother was everything to them. She was the mother and the dad. The poor woman suffered from Hepatitis B and due to overworking and negligence of her husband yet she had started the treatment, she died in a short time. Leticia has never been at school and also her six siblings. The family sleeps in a four-roomed house built of blocks on the land which was given to them by their grandfather. Leticia sleeps on an old mattress which she shares with her sister Viola. She enjoys playing with dolls and she has a dream of becoming a doctor.