Ronald wants to be a doctor

Name: Kasekende Ronald
Nationality: Ugandan
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 15th June 2013
Reg No: LSCU/001

Ronald is a humble boy from 7 years old and he loves playing football with his friends. Ronald stays with his grandparents after the death of her parents in a fire accident. His favorite food is matooke and beans. His future dream is to become a doctor because he wants to treat sick people. Ronald stays with his grandparents in a two-roomed mud house and he sleeps on old clothes from his grandmother. Ronald’s health condition is not good because he is being disturbed by Pneumonia. His grandparents are farmers and they grow crops like cassava and beans for home consumption only. Ronald is now at home helping his grandparents with fetching water, cooking, digging, and also fetching firewood. Ronald is kindly requesting anyone who can support him with school fees so that he can achieve his dream.