Kato shares his bed with her sister

Name: Kato Alex
Nationality: Ugandan
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 4th March 2013
Reg No: LSCU/013

Kato is a jolly boy and he likes playing with motorbike tyres. He stays with his mother and siblings in a two-roomed house which was given to them by the chairman of the village in exchange for taking care of his plantation. Kato shares his bed with her sister Praise and he also helps his mother with cooking, cleaning, and fetching water. Kato is infected by HIV and he is also disturbed by pain in his eyes and his mother said it’s caused by the strong medicine for HIV Kato takes every day. Kato would love to go to school but his mother cannot afford to pay for his school fees and he has never been at school at all. But Kato is still having a hope of becoming a doctor. Kato’s father, died of HIV when he was still not yet born and his mother is also infected with the virus.